Sunday, September 16, 2007

How to watch DTH/Dish TV on your NTSC TV

Seems like there are a lot of folks with NTSC TV's in India who want to watch Direct To Home (DTH) on their NTSC TV using the settop box provided by vendors like Dish TV or Tata Sky and don't know how to achieve this. This article is about my research of this problem and the solution I found for it. Hope this is helpful to you also.

The Problem: The basic problem is that the broadcast format in India is PAL - so you need a way to convert the PAL broadcast to NTSC before you can watch it on your NTSC TV.

The Solution: The solution requires a PAL-NTSC converter for this to work. A PAL-NTSC converter works like this - it takes a PAL signal (typically coming out of your DTH provider's set top box) and converts it to NTSC format viewable on a NTSC TV.

After a lot of research I found a decent PAL-NTSC converter within my budget - The Com-World Professional Video Converter CMD 1200 - that actually worked. I had my brother in the US purchase one for me and ship it over. I connected the output of my DTH settop box to the input of the CMD 1200 PAL-NTSC converter and connected the output video of the CMD 1200 PAL-NTSC converter to my TV - and viola - wonderful picture with very good clarity and no black bars anywhere.

You can find more about the PAL-NTSC issues in this post here.

Hope this was helpful - happy viewing!