Friday, December 01, 2006

XBox 360 Dashboard Update - II

30th November 2006:
A new XBox 360 Dashboard update is now available. You will be prompted to download the update as soon as you log into XBox Live. This update contains fixes for the following:

  • Improved support for HD video output over VGA, including 1080p resolution

  • Improved plug and play performance for wired headsets when being used with wireless controllers

  • Changes made to recently played games list to improve accuracy

This information is courtesy Major Nelson's blog. This is a very important fix for Sony/Samsung high definition TV owners as it fixes the problems related to certain Sony/Samsung TV's not being able to do 1080p on the component/VGA connector which was one of the key features of the original dashboard fall update patch. With this fix, all problems related to 1080p output over component and VGA should now be resolved.

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